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About us     

        The root of School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences can be traced back to the period when the National Southwestern Associated University first setting up its School of Geographical Sciences and Climatology as well as its Normal College of History and Geography in Kunming, Yunnan. We have 99 staff, among whom 15 are professors and associate professors count 31. Meanwhile, 49 PhD holders and those with master degree cover 85% of the total. We embrace 79 PhD students, 325 postgraduates and 1496 full-time undergraduates now. The school boasts an advantageous subject family of Yunnan features named “the geography and regional development of low-latitude highland” as well as the key discipline of geography; moreover, engineering research centers of the Ministry of Education named “geoinformation technology of the western resources and environmental conditions” were set up as well as the key laboratory of “the process of highland earth surface and environmental changes” been founded; equipped with 3 innovation teams focus on the subject of “environmental changes of low-latitude highlands”, “highland lakes and global changes” and “borderland development and geo-security”; our school also constitute “the collaborative innovation center of geo-environment in southeast China and borderland development ” as well as 2 key research bases of philosophy and social sciences named “ the development of tourism industry in Yunnan” and “ human resource exploitation and management in Yunnan”. We have PhD degree of first-level subjects on geography and its secondary subjects including physical geography, human geography, cartography and geography information system, geography of borderland, educational geography as well as  mountain environment and natural disaster, etc. 12 master degree programs are also covered in our school, including physical geography, human geography, cartography and geography information system, mountain environment and natural disaster, geography of borderland, educational geography, regional economics, cartography and geographical information, tourism management (professional degree), curriculum and teaching methodology (pedagogy of geography), subject pedagogy of geography (professional degree) as well as geographical education (master of education). Moreover, 7 full-time undergraduate programs can also be found in our school, including geographical science, geographic information system, physical geography and resource environment, human geography and urban-rural planning, tourism management, tourism management and service education as well as surveying and mapping engineering, in which geographical science and tourism management service education embrace the honor of national specialty. The school now has five departments, ranging over geographical science department, tourism department, geoinformation science department, resource environment and urban-rural planning department as well as depatment of teacher education; seven research centers including tourism planning, regional planning and the western development, application study on “3S” technology, environmental education, study on Southeast Asia and South Asia, education for tourism career and experimental teaching; four research institutions covering territorial development and management, population and regional economy, AIDS and social development as well as land & water resources and mountain disasters; Yunnan experimental teaching demonstration center of “geographical science and technology” ranging over laboratories of geographic information system, geography, tourism, pedagogical skill, planning and design as well as surveying research. We possess a faculty specialized in “majors of geographical science” and a training center of tour guides and tourism attraction management in Yunnan, which boasts the qualification of tourism planning education by the National Tourism Administration. In addition, we had established cooperative relationships with ten more universities abroad.  Our file library collects over 100,000 books and over 100 kinds of professional periodicals as well as nearly 20 kinds of foreign periodicals. Besides, our students carry off prizes over 220 items in the national, provincial and school-level competitions such as the Challenge Cup and Extracurricular Technical Works Contest over the years.


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