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 Disciplinary platforms 

      There are numerous disciplinary platforms for Geographical Sciences in School of Tourism and Geographical Sciences, 5 of which are Ministry of Education platforms including Experimental Teaching Center of Geographical Sciences, Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education for Information Technology for Western Resources & Environment, Yunnan Science Practice Educational Base of National Nature Reserves for Dashanbao Black Neck Cranes, and Innovative Experimental Zone of Two-way Training Mode for transnational Entrepreneurial Talents to Southeast Asia; and 6 of which are provincial-level platforms in Yunnan containing Yunnan Key Laboratory of Plateau Geographical Process and Environmental Change, Yunnan 2011 Co-innovation Center of China Southwest Geopolitical Environment and Frontier Development, Yunnan University Think Tank for China Southwest Geopolitical Environment and “One Belt One Road” Construction, Yunnan Philosophy and Social Science Research Base for the Development of Yunnan Tourism, Yunnan Philosophy and Social Science Research Base for the Development and Management of Yunnan Human Resources, and Yunnan Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Geographical Sciences and Technology. Besides, it has laboratories in geography, geographic information system, tourism, teaching skills, planning & design and measurement etc.. With the qualification in tourism planning which was approved by National Tourism Administration, it serves as the training center for tourist guide and visitor attractions management in Yunnan.














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