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Building up the Scientific Research Innovation Teams

     Under the School’s “Twelfth Five-year” discipline framework of 5 research fields, 14 second-level scientific research teams consisting of excellent innovation talents have been established for research in the following fields: geographical environment and borderland security, national cultural geography and cultural industry development, ethnogeography and regional development, borderland society geography, tourism development and planning, regional tourism economy and culture, regional economic development and management, plateau lacustrine sediments and global change, drainage landscaping process and control, mountain supergene process and urban water resource, karst areal system, natural cultural landscape and heritage, application of remote sensing in the resource environment, and application of geography information technology. These research teams will help accelerate the School’s construction of scientific research platform, improve the research level, innovative and competitive ability of teaching staff, develop several teams with influence at home and abroad, and secure the rapid, continuous and sound advancement of scientific research work. The School will give priority to these teams in the provision of research workplaces, laboratories, funds, talents training plans, further education, academic works publication and professional titles assessment.

Name of Teams

1. Yunnan Innovation Team for Plateau Lacustrine Sediments and Environmental Change Research

2. Yunnan Innovation Team for Borderland Development and Geographical Security

3. Yunnan Innovation Team for Philosophy and Social Sciences

Scientific Research Projects and Achievements

       In recent 5 years, these innovation teams have undertaken more than 60 national research projects under the Technology Benefit Program, 973 Plan Preliminary Research, National Natural Sciences Foundation and NFSC - Yunnan Joint Fund, spending an amount of RMB 70 million for scientific research work. They have received 27 awards for scientific research achievements at the provincial level, and published over 60 monographs and textbooks, 500 papers and 60 thesis on three major searching databases. Meanwhile, they have completed about 20 projects under the local “Twelfth Five-year” and “Thirteenth Five-year” National Fund and Social Development Planning, 60 projects for tourism planning, 20 projects for population planning, and 10 projects for land reclamation and planning.

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